The conference panels are divided into two unique days:

Day One will feature panels covering the science and public health impacts of climate change, existing legal mechanisms for remedying human impacts of climate change, the limitations of those mechanisms, and the role of international law.

Day Two will feature panels on regional impacts of climate change and adaptation and the role of humanitarian aid. Next, keynote speaker Henry Shue will deliver his address, to be followed by a two-hour facilitated Socratic debate.

Conference organizers have scheduled personal half-hour interviews with all participants during March and April to make panel assignments. The ten or so individual panelists chosen to play a featured speaking role in the Socratic debate will have a second interview with Facilitator Kim Taylor-Thompson on a separate call; the second half of the Socratic dialogue will be opened up for participation from the entire Three Degrees speakers list.

Following the debate we will conclude with a panel geared toward crafting a set of legal recommendations for eventual consideration by the UN at the upcoming November/December COP 15 U.N. Climate Change Conference in Denmark.

We will not confirm panel assignments until once we’ve spoken to all panelists by phone, which will likely be sometime during the middle of April. Our goal for these calls is to match our speakers’ expertise to their panel assignments and to work with our speakers to shape their ideal contribution to the event. If you haven’t scheduled a call with us, please contact us as soon as possible.