Why Global Warming Portends a Food Crisis
Time Magazine
By Bryan Walsh

It can be difficult in the middle of winter — especially if you live in the frigid Northeastern U.S., as I do — to remain convinced that global warming will be such a bad thing. Beyond the fact that people prefer warmth to cold, there’s a reason the world’s population is clustered in the Tropics and subtropics: warmer climates usually mean longer and richer growing seasons. So it’s easy to imagine that on a warmer globe, the damage inflicted by more frequent and severe heat waves would be balanced by the agricultural benefits of warmer temperatures.

A comforting thought, except for one thing: it’s not true. A study published in the Jan. 9 issue of Science shows that far from compensating for the damages associated with climate change (heavier and more frequent storms, increasing desertification, sea-level rise), hotter temperatures will seriously diminish the world’s ability to feed itself….Read More