Today leaders met in Copenhagen in advance of the December 9 Convention. What’s clear from the meeting is that mitigation is losing its place at center stage. Guardian blogger Ben Caldecott emphasized that leaders are shifting focus to a more holistic climate solutions trilogy: mitigation, adaptation, and restoration.

The reason Jeni and I put our heads together as law students to plan the Three Degrees conference back in 2007 is precisely because human adaptation mechanisms were, are, and continue to be underdeveloped, underappreciated, and underfunded. (Within the IPCC, the traditional focus on adaptation was mainly on technology. While important, technical solutions distracted from real, live human crises of home geographies shifting, cultural upheaval, and the economic consumption of the planet by wealthy nations.) We’re happy to see more mainstream attention devoted to strategies that more fully reflect the realities the world as a whole is facing.

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