Alex Steffen, a climate visionary whose online magazine, Worldchanging, is based in Seattle, mentioned the Three Degrees Conference in a recent blog post titled: “Latest to Sound the Climate Alarm: Doctors, Lawyers, Generals, Bankers and Diplomats.”

First, Doctors: The report sounds the alarm with mention of the British medical journal The Lancet‘s just-released report, which declares “climate change [as] the biggest global health threat of the 21st century.” The Lancet is a renowned journal, equivalent in stature to the New England Journal of Medicine.

Second: Lawyers. This is where Alex pitches the Three Degrees Conference, which aims to secure redress through international and human rights laws for people suffering from climate disasters.

Third: Generals, Bankers, Diplomats. The upcoming Copenhagen Convention in December will convene no less than a fair share of this third category of heavy hitters.

No matter which category we fall into, or don’t (and let’s hope for a climate movement that resonates well beyond people who read the IPCC reports), let’s hope we can all work together to solve this bigger, interdependent problem that Alex frames at the end of his post: How can we achieve “widespread recognition that the politically possible in D.C. [or perhaps in Copenhagen] is [or will be] at odds with what is in the real world scientifically grounded and . . . practical”?