A human rights working group has issued a thorough proposal for maintaining and strengthening human rights language in the draft negotiation text leading up toward Copenhagen.

Martin Wagner, an EarthJustice attorney and Three Degrees Conference Panelist, is one of the attorneys in the working group who spearheaded the proposal. Professors from the University of Oregon’s law school also played an important role.

They are asking those who are attending COP 15 to advocate for the inclusion of such human rights language.

From the proposal’s comments on the “Shared Vision” section of the text:

“Existing language in the shared vision explicitly recognizes that climate impacts have implications for the full and effective enjoyment of human rights. This language should be strengthened by referring to the link between the environment and human rights recognized in the Stockholm Declaration, itself referred to in the UNFCCC. The shared vision should also emphasize that a successful international climate framework must include effective mechanisms for participation at the local, national and international levels, thus reinforcing Article 6 of the UNFCCC and the Rio Declaration.” (Emphasis added.)

Read the whole proposal here .