Our friends at Worldchanging just published a feature story on Attention Philanthrophy 2010. “Attention philanthropy,” they write, “is a gift of notice. In a noisy world, deluged in advertising, overrun with PR flacks and crowded with the superficial, one of the biggest barriers to success for a small, good idea or noble enterprise can simply be getting noticed in the first place… It’s grant-making that deals in praise, rather than money.”

Worldchanging is one of the world’s best spotlights for good work worth supporting. In fact, Worldchanging supported Three Degrees as we searched for a home in Seattle and transitioned from a law-student side-project to a fully functional permanent center for climate justice.

Three Degrees has benefitted significantly from Worldchanging’s gift of attention (thanks Worldchanging!), and so we pass along our gift of notice with great honor and gratitude for the opportunity to deal in praises ourselves. (See our Worldchanging Attention Philanthropy profile of Jeff Warren: Mapping the Oil Spill with Balloons and Kites.)

Worldchanging is an independent media organization devoted to telling stories and sharing tools for building a bright green future. For more, visit worldchanging.org.