Last year’s Town Hall talk led to Seattle adopting the goal of carbon neutrality by 2030. What will this year’s event lead to?

Join Worldchanging on Wednesday at Town Hall Seattle! Three Degrees is a non-profit sponsor of this exciting event.

Three Degrees sponsored 12 law students to attend Alex’s Town Hall talk last year. Often boxed into reading assignments and library study rooms stacked with hefty case books, law students rarely have the opportunity to have an audience with a leader like Alex who defies precedent. Alex Steffen and his Worldchanging staff do brilliant work imagining the unimagined future, one yet to be fully written. We inspire all of our law school and Three Degrees Project friends, supporters, and allies to attend Alex’s talk this year. The state of our—your—future is at stake.

Alex Steffen: Carbon Neutral Cities Wednesday, November 3, 2010 | 7:30pm

One year ago, Alex Steffen took the stage at Town Hall and called on Seattle to become North America’s first carbon neutral city. A year later, that goal is on its way to becoming official city policy. Steffen returns to talk about cities, Seattle, innovation, the climate, the economy and the state of the future. Environmental journalist Steffen co-founded Worldchanging, a critically-acclaimed sustainability site, with an archive of over 10,000 articles and a large global audience. Presented by The Town Hall Center for Civic Life, with Elliott Bay Book Company. Series media sponsorship provided by PubliCola. Series supported by The Boeing Company Charitable Trust, and the RealNetworks Foundation. Town Hall Calendar: Brown Paper Tickets: Worldchanging Events Page:

About Alex:

Alex Steffen has been the Executive Editor of Worldchanging since he co-founded the organization in 2003, as the next phase in a lifetime of work exploring ways of building a better future. In the last six years, Worldchanging has become one of the world’s leading sustainability-related publications, with an archive of over 10,000 articles and a large global audience (Worldchanging was rated the second largest sustainability site on the web by Nielsen Online in 2008). Worldchanging’s solutions-based journalism has played an important role in revealing formerly obscure innovations and groundbreaking ideas, thereby pushing forward the sustainability movement and changing the way we think about the planet’s most pressing problems.