The Worldwide Universities Network has just announced that the Three Degrees Project has been awarded a total amount of $40,000 to complete its proposed workshop on scenario planning. The project, titled “Imagining a Warmer World: Using Scenario Planning to Create Fair and Equitable Adaptation Law and Policy,” will culminate in a creative, international, multidisciplinary workshop here in Seattle with the underlying goal of identifying key strategies for shaping long-term, ethically responsible climate adaptation law and policy.

The invited participants form a truly interdisciplinary and international group of scholars and practitioners—including lawyers, public health and disaster relief experts, economists, philosophers, geographers, utility planners, urban designers, development ethicists, climate scientists, and others motivated by interdisciplinary, complex problem-solving and the need for improved methods that better synthesize multi-issue problems rife with uncertainty. In all, the invited workshop participants hail from six countries, twelve universities (including six WUN universities), and over one dozen departments and professions.

We are incredibly excited and honored to be the recipients of such a prestigious award.