Our friend and Seattle carbon star, Alex Steffen, needs your help. He’s raising support via Kickstarter to write, edit, design (with design firm Open), and publish a short book on carbon-neutral cities by this Earth Day. Support “Carbon Zero: A Short Tour of Your City’s Future.” If Alex can raise $10,000 by April 14, his book will be funded. Already, backers have pledged $4,521. So join the crowd by offering your support, or spread the word via blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

A short teaser: Carbon free is good for you.

“Bucky Fuller once said that people never leave a sinking ship until they see the lights of another ship approaching. One of the reasons it is so hard to act on climate change is that most of us are afraid of what we’ll lose, but uncertain at best about what we’ll gain.”

“Yet, I’m convinced that the gains far outweigh the losses here. I think the gains are so great, we’d want to proceed with many of the boldest climate plans even if climate wasn’t the biggest threat facing humanity. In fact bold action on climate may be what separates the world’s most successful cities from ones that fail; in short, we’re going to love our carbon-neutral, zero-waste, leafy green, car-free, unrecognizably ecological, economically booming urban futures… or envy someone else’s.”