Our mentor and admired professor, Professor Bill Rodgers, has heroically completed his most recent book. It’s called Climate Change: A Reader (William H. Rodgers Jr., Michael Robinson-Dorn, Jennifer K. Barcelos & Anna T. Moritz eds., Carolina Academic Press 2011). 1206 pages & CD-ROM. (Full disclosure: Jeni was also an editor.)

Professor Rodgers, when talking about the book’s importance, says “[s]cience changes very rapidly. What hasn’t changed is the law. This book details what we know and what we can do. It also showcases the bright young intellects in the climate justice world. I’ve been up and down these roads before. I meant this book to be about them and for them.”

It’s a true honor to inherit Professor Rodgers’s time-worn dedication to climate change law in the form of this book. We are so incredibly grateful to work alongside him at UW Law to push the law to better reflect the current state of the science. Over the course of the year, we plan to share excerpts of the book with students in our Climate Justice Seminar and to regularly post reflections on the book as well as interviews with some of its leading authors.

To read excerpts of Climate Change: A Reader, click here.