Relocation in a Regulatory Void: Three Degrees Warmer Publishes Article in Climate Law Journal's Special Issue on Climate Displacement

In November, Three Degrees Warmer Co-Director, Jen Marlow, and Board President Lauren Sancken, co-authored an article published in Climate Law, an international peer-reviewed journal for lawyers and legal scholars on the “many legal issues that arise internationally and at the state level as climate law continues to evolve.” Titled “Reimagining Relocation in a Regulatory Void: The Inadequacy of Existing US Federal and State Regulatory Responses to Kivalina’s Climate Displacement in the Alaskan Arctic,” the article
examines three issues: (1) Kivalina’s current efforts to relocate within the context of its colonial past; (2) the limited US federal and state regulatory mechanisms available to Kivalina and other displaced Arctic tribal communities pursuing planned community relocation prior to the occurrence of a disaster; and (3) ad hoc community relocation models that embrace the complexity of self-reliant relocation in predisaster contexts.

To read the full article, and other companion articles written by leading U.S. scholars on the topic of climate-induced displacement, please see the Climate Law website.


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