Relocation in the Alaskan Arctic.

Three Degrees Warmer President Lauren Sancken and Executive Director Jen Marlow will be presenting their paper “Relocation in a Regulatory Void” about Kivalina’s climate displacement in the Alaskan Arctic next Tuesday, March 6, at UW School of Law in Seattle (12:30 to 1:20 pm). Sponsored by the Gates Public Service Law Program and the Sustainable International Development program’s Global Mondays Lecture Series, Lauren and Jen will share the story of Kivalina’s longstanding village relocation pursuits in light of Kivalina’s colonial history, international climate policy formation, and the current US legal and policy climate regime. If you’re in Seattle, we’d love to see you. We will also be meeting with graduate school students for an informal session on Wednesday evening, March 7.


Supreme Court Will Not Hear Public Trust Case

Three Degrees Warmer, in partnership with Our Children’s Trust and its national network of legal supporters, filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court last month. Today, we learned that the Supreme Court declined to hear the case…