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Re-Locate: With support from an ArtPlace America Creative Placemaking grant, Three Degrees Warmer is partnering with Re-Locate on several projects designed to bring action to Kivalina’s longstanding desire for village relocation. These projects include the redesign and renovation of the Kivalina Community Center to house the Center for Kivalina Relocation Planning and Global Responsibility for Climate Displacement; a living digital and physical Kivalina archive built by CoDA; and a village-based relocation masterplanning process. Re-Locate has been shared with global audiences at the SF MOMA’s Visual Activism Conference, The Creative Time Summit: The Curriculum at  Biennale Arte 2015, the Huffington Post, Seattle University’s 2014 Just Sustainability Conference, Go Speak Out (a curated conversation with Secretary Sally Jewell), and online through the KVAK TV youth storytelling platform and Jen Marlow, Co-Director of Three Degrees Warmer, has worked to co-direct Re-Locate as a project curator since 2012.

Field Campaign:

Our Children’s Trust Alaska Climate Rulemaking Petition


Meghan “Sigvanna” Topkok—a third-year law student at the University of Oregon, whose family is originally from Nome and Teller—will be traveling to the Bering Straight region to share the climate recovery rulemaking petition with youth and build on their leadership in efforts to address climate change. Three Degrees Warmer has served OCT in a pro bono legal capacity since 2012, supporting the Washington Youths’ case by filing amicus briefs in the Washington Supreme Court in 2012, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals in 2013, and the U.S. Supreme Court in 2014. Three Degrees Warmer Board Member, Andrea Rodgers, represents Youth on a pending case in Washington.


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Think & Drink: The Californians Are Coming: Climate Migration and the Pacific Northwest

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“An unquestioning society-wide commitment to economic growth at any cost; powerful corporate interests whose overriding objective is to grow by generating profit; markets that systematically fail to recognize environmental costs unless corrected by government; government that is subservient to corporate interests and the growth imperative; rampant consumerism spurred by sophisticated advertising and marketing; economic activity now so large in scale that its impacts alter the fundamental biophysical operations of the planet–all combine to deliver an ever-growing world economy that is undermining the ability of the planet to sustain life.”

– James Gustave Speth, “A New American Environmentalism and the New Economy,” Tenth Annual John H. Chafee Memorial Lecture on Science and the Environment, National Council for Science and the Environment (2010)