Simulation Summits

The Simulation Summit™


Simulation Summits™ help local citizens and leaders recognize and overcome legal and policy obstacles that prevent them from implementing effective climate adaptation strategies that protect their human rights—including access to food and water, security, health, justice, and equity. Bringing local people together with scientists, legal experts, artists, and public health practitioners, Simulation Summits empower communities to analyze climate threats specific to them, and identify customized legal and policy barriers and responses to these barriers. Strategies may include litigation, developing new fiscal mechanisms for supporting adaptation, collaborative planning efforts, amicus briefs that support domestic institutions to consider human rights impacts of climate claims, and increasing access to local legal, financial, and technical resources.


Simulation Summits™ are roundtable Socratic Dialogues focused on bringing a diversity of voices into the climate justice conversation. Socratic Dialogues, as described in the Fred Friendly Seminar program, are role-playing exercises, proven to help participants “put aside talking points and rhetorical speeches,” allowing them to “reveal the complexity of issues with greater depth, and drama, than a standard debate would ever expose.” This powerful model was successfully tested for use in a climate justice context at The Three Degrees Conference on Climate Change and Human Rights in May of 2009. Summit host communities are selected based upon the urgency of the threats they face and their interest in participating.


Although Simulation Summits are localized to focus on specific, impacted communities, their results could have great value to all climate impacted regions. Summits offer case-study-style information, resources, online simulations, and models to benefit the public, members of other impacted communities around the world, and other NGOs and multilateral organizations such as the UN and the World Bank. Web-based platforms are spaces where we will share interactive film and web content generated through seminars and Summits, host community scenarios, and demonstrate the powerful results of the Simulation Summit™ process.

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